Practice Makes Permanent!

Our motto is "Practice Makes Permanent." Therefore we train players in key skills through repetition building muscle memory that helps them to outsmart opponents and stand out on the pitch at any level of the game.

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Men's Team

More about the Tikitaka Men's Team.

Women's Team

More about the Tikitaka Womens Team.

Youth Teams

More about Tikitaka U13 boys and girls teams.

Frequently asked questions

1How will Tikitaka FC help me (or my child) improve?
Players at Tikitaka FC are molded by elite coaches who are passionate about their profession. Coupled with the ability to develop their skills through meaningful playing time, the Tikitaka FC experience will be a highlight of any player’s career. Our coaches care about your child’s development.
2What sets Tikitaka FC apart from other academies?
A: We focus on the little details that other academies tend to ignore, such as firmness of pass, proper body positioning, and timing, among many other details that can make all the difference.
3What can players do to continue the development process outside of practice?
Doc Ray suggests watching soccer videos at home. Youth players will also be provided with reading materials. Additionally players may register with Doc Ray Elite Soccer Development for private and personalized one-on-one or small group training. Learn more!
4What are the short-term goals of Tikitaka FC?
In the short-term, Tikitaka FC will build teams that will dominate Vancouver soccer.
5What are the long-term goals of Tikitaka FC?
In the long-term, the Tikitaka FC process will produce multiple players competing internationally at the professional level.

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